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What We Stand For?

A Step Ahead Child Care features the most up-to-date flexible daycare programs. Whether you need full-time weekly childcare or help for a few days a week for your pre-K to get your work meetings, or summer and holiday school breaks to keep your elementary-age child ahead of the curve, we’ve got you covered. Every family’s needs are a little different and that is why we created programs that work with you and your child to give you the availability and schedule you need to succeed.

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Every Child is Unique

We work with you to ensure that your child’s curriculum meets their developmental milestones and enhances their unique strengths. Our well-qualified team provides personal attention, educational coaching, and creative activities to challenge your children and help them reach their full potential. We make learning fun!

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We Work With

  • Infants 6 weeks to 18 months
  • Toddlers 18 months to 36 months
  • Preschool age 3 years to 5 years
  • School-age, summers & school breaks
  • School-aged, Before/After School
  • Private pay and Title XX assistance accepted

What We Offer

Full-time Child Care

This is the best value for families who need full-time childcare (5 days) each and every week. You have a guaranteed spot for your child(ren) every day each week (including summer and all school breaks/holidays) and offers the lowest cost per day.

Age Group Care Amount Service Fee Total Amount
Infants (0-18months) $275/week $8.24 $283.24
Toddlers (18months-3yrs) $245/week $7.34 $252.34
Preschool & Pre-K (3yrs+) – Care & School $220/week $6.59 $226.59
School Age: Before & After School $125/week $3.74 $128.74

Seasonal & Part-time Child Care

This is the best value for families who have needs for up to 3 days a week but still need reliable childcare each and every week.  This option can be a great savings, but we only have a few of these spots in each age range so please call each center directly to inquire about part-time availability. We do not have a part-time rate for our School Age.

Age Group Care Amount Service Fee Total Amount
Part-time (3d) – Infant $225/week $6.74 $231.74
Part-time (3d) – Toddler $215/week $6.44 $221.44
Part-time (3d) – Preschool & PreK $205/week $6.14 $211.14
Summer Program (School Age) $185/week $5.54 $190.54

Applicable Discounts!
* Discounts apply for full-time students only
**Discounts may not be combined in all cases

Discount Discount Amount
Direct Bank Payment 3%
2 Children Enrolled (discount on the oldest child only) $10/wk
Military Parent / Family (each child) $10/wk
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